Best Strip Bar You Can Bring Your Wife To

400 N. Haven St., (410) 276-9420

OK, so Haven Place wins a lot. That's because it is a gentlemen's tavern and not a gentlemen's club. The difference is that you can go there without feeling like a complete skeezeball. Of course, sometimes we are your skeezeballsiest weekly and we admit it, but most of the time, even if we like the contours of the female body, we don't like all the disco-y accoutrements and dudes who help you wash your hands in the pisser. And though we might like to look, we don't really want to get rubbed all up on. Haven Place is essentially a tavern, with the gentlemen's part tagged on as an afterthought. So when our wife wanted to stop in one night, we didn't mind a bit. And of course, within five minutes, she had befriended the prettiest dancer and the owner (who, full disclosure, gave her a cool Haven Place Go Go Girl T-Shirt-but that's not why they are BEST). She had a great time and so did we, and no one left feeling skeezy.

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