Best New Bar

1236 Light St.,, (410) 273-9377

Opened late 2011 in what used to be Muggsy's, Brewer's Cask melds together two Fed Hill zeitgeists: the relaxed, I-just-want-to-enjoy-my-drink vibes at Metropolitan and Barfly's, and the boisterous spirit at Mad River and MaGerks. There's no dancing or blaring music at Brewer's Cask, but there is young, drunk Fed Hill energy. Better yet, there's 20 taps' worth of good beer, an expansive bottle list, and delicious drunk food. To ensure that sophisticated beer selection doesn't discourage the 20-somethings, the bar has lots of specials (St. Patrick's Day saw 1-cent Guinness drafts between 6-8 A.M.), advertised on technicolored backgrounds that will make your eyes sore and your buzz happy.

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