Best Pickleback

133 W. North Ave.,, (410) 545-0444

You should be up to speed on the concept of the Pickleback by now, but the basic theory is it erases that last shot of brown liquor you just poured into your face, you idiot, you. City Paper contributing illustrator Okan Arabacioglu devised a special version of this chaser for Joe Squared's Turkish pickleback, and the difference is visually apparent. His concoction ain't just some old pickle juice somebody saved in a jar, but a special, secret blend featuring top-secret stuff from the Middle East and India (we are totally pinky-sworn to secrecy). It also includes beets, which are partially responsible for imparting the distinctive, er, beetish hue. The next and more important difference for the discerning picklebacker is the taste. Again, this is way beyond the usual pickle-sweat, this thing actually tastes good, a word generally not found in the annals of Picklebackery. Go on, have another shot.

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