Best Karaoke

3306 Washington Blvd., (410) 247-5408

In some ways, saying "Best Karaoke" is like saying "Best Place to Have Your Ears Ripped out by Drunken, Amphetamine-Fueled Rats." It's partly because the damned karaoke machines for some reason often have the songs in a different key or tempo than the popular version. But there are some good karaoke experiences to be had, and the BEST is right at the city line, at Borderline Bar and Grill. Not only do they have super-cold beer to wet the whistle, a wide range of food, and apartments for rent up above (in case you really like it), but because they seem to have karaoke every night, their karaoke crowd is their regular crowd. You can hear the Helicopter Man sing "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" between bouts of telling you the many ways in which helicopters are superior to airplanes. And when you sing, the crowd will love you, not because you sing well, but because you're with them.

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