Best Place to Go Dancing

8024 Max Blobs Park Road, Jessup,

Dancing at Blob's Park can be a humbling experience. The Bavarian beer hall happens to be the spot for polka dancing in the mid-Atlantic, and any first-time visitor is sure to be outclassed by quick-stepping older folks who've clearly been polka-ing for years. But never fear: There are regular dance lessons, and there's plenty of room on the giant hardwood floor for missteps. We recommend a stein or two of German beer to help you loosen up a bit, and some weinerschnitzel, sauerbraten, or knockwurst for the appetite you'll surely whip up. And if an 80-year-old asks you to dance, you're not allowed to say no. Besides, you just might learn something.

Runners-Up!Best Place to Go Dancing2. Club Hippo

3. Lithuanian Hall

4. Mobtown Ballroom

5. Red Maple

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