Best Bar Coaster

8 E. Preston St.,, (410) 244-1020

There's an art to finding the right drink coaster. Shut up, listen: You don't want one of those cheap cardboard or cork numbers that'll stick to the bottom of your drink and fall under your seat. Dionysus, one of Mount Vernon's cozier spots to grab a beer or a vodka tonic, knows this, and it shows. Made of what could best be described as mousepad material, Dionysus' coasters (which feature their logo and everything) have a solid grip on your beverage and have enough heft to stay put. You or someone you know has probably even swiped one after, say, an especially besotted evening. Sadly, the bar has run out and it's uncertain if these super-coasters will reappear, as the management has not ordered more last we checked. Short of a massive letter campaign or internet petition, we can only hope for their speedy return.

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