Best Bartender

George's at the Peabody Court Hotel, 101 W. Monument St., (410) 727-1314

We understand that picking "Best Bartender" is like picking "Best Mom"-we all like our own the best. But we happened to see Hartzell keep his cool at the worst of times. Hartzell was dealing with three or four drunken wedding parties one night when someone plummeted from one of the buildings near George's and died. Hartzell handled the distraught neighbors, the police, and the drunken fools from the wedding party who kept yelling, "Hey Johnny, another one!" as they waved money around like they were at a strip club. Hartzell was like the bartender version of an action hero. Of course, he's a hell of a 'tender on any ordinary occasion, and this is the kind of thing we hope never happens again. But if we're at a bar when the shit hits the fan, we hope he's behind it.

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