Best Ruined Bar

15 E. Centre St.,, (443) 835-2472

The Midtown Yacht Club was a great Baltimore bar. A longtime haunt of our fellow ink-stained scribes at The Sun, it had everything a local bar needed: great bartenders; a loyal, diverse crowd of locals; passable food; free peanuts, whose shells you could throw on the floors; and a good joke for a name (there can't be a yacht club in Midtown!). The food is arguably better now, if less versatile for regulars (who can eat barbecue five times a week?), and the peanuts remain, but the atmosphere that made the place feel like home is lost at sea. It is as if the new management decided they wanted to make an airport bar away from the airport. In fact, the first time we went in, the manager told us, "We want this to be the kind of place where you get in, have some good food, a couple drinks, see some pretty people, and get out." Well, we did. And so did most of the other locals. What can you expect from a place whose logo features two pigs trying to look like Andrew Dice Clay?

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