Best Sports Show

Rob Long is funny, smart, easy on the ears, and is steeped in Bmore men's and women's sports-pro, college, and prep. Vinny Cerrato was the recruiting coordinator for the 1988 NCAA Championship Notre Dame football team, director of player personnel with the 49ers (where he earned a Super Bowl ring), and the GM of the Redskins, and he brings unparalleled knowledge and access to the world of pro-sports to this fantastic show. The two of them work together better than Tango and Cash and have put together easily the best sports show in town. It's on 105.7 the Fan weekdays from 10 A.M.-1 P.M., but make sure to hit the dial promptly at 1 P.M., before the Bob Haynie and Zinno show starts. Bob Haynie is great, but listening to Mark Zinno is like being ear-fucked by a particularly pigheaded power drill.

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