Best Sportscaster

As a player, former Orioles shortstop Mike Bordick (1997-2002) has the third-best fielding percentage in baseball history. Measuring his performance in his current career-as a color commentator for Orioles baseball today, a job he started this year and shares with Orioles pitching legend Jim Palmer-is a matter of gut, not numbers. Our gut tells us this guy's got what we like: a humble grasp of baseball knowledge, a soft-spoken authority, a quiet, comfortable confidence that goes well with the beer and banter we're usually enjoying when we watch baseball. It's new and it's warm and welcoming-immeasurable qualities that sit well with our general optimism about Baltimore baseball these days, no matter how the season ends.

Runners-Up!Best Sportscaster2. Gerry Sandusky

3. Keith Mills

4. Fred Manfra

5. Dave Johnson

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