Best Long-Distance Legislating

Rochelle "Rikki" Spector has long been among the most interesting City Council members. Nested in a swank harborside condo she'll enjoy rent- and tax-free for life, she admittedly must commute to her Northwest District and, thus, incurs a few expenses. In May ABC-2 reported that Spector charges car-repair bills to her council expense account, saying, "If I could use a bus or Light Rail, I would. It's not possible." There's some mass transit advocacy! The Sun examined the accounts in August and found Spector had, in 13 months, charged over 5,000 miles to taxpayers for her efforts to get back to the district in which, putatively, she resides. "I don't want to spend it if it's not necessary, whether it's for driving or for parking," Spector told The Sun.

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