Best Chutzpah

We know it's all a ruse. We know you really, really care to keep all of us-every customer-steadily supplied with high-quality electrons of the correct amplitude and voltage. It says so right on your web site and in every dispatch from your PR department. But, oh! What ACTING! When, every time wind gusts top 26 mph, thousands of customers lose power, HQ is on it, making sure things get back to normal within a week-eight days tops. With a reliability rating at third-world levels, you continue to charge us during the first day of our outages for the electricity we're not getting (an improvement over the old system, which apparently didn't cap the charge). So we know, intellectually, that you're working hard to give us shorter outages. But your thespian brilliance casts this truth in darkness-like our homes. If your spokespeople did not tell us how much you care, we would almost believe you didn't.

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