Best Train Wreck

We have it on good authority that Baltimore magazine owner Steve Geppi, who earned his fortune as founder of Diamond Comic Distributors and also owns the Geppi Entertainment Museum and has a minority stake in the Orioles, generally stays out of the glossy's editorial decisions. But we're pretty sure his daughter Gina Geppi didn't earn her column in the mag, "Riding Solo," from any long and distinguished track record of journalistic accomplishments. Subtitled "The Incredibly True Adventures of the Baltimore Bachelorette," the monthly column largely revolves around drinking and scrounging for dates-usually in some combination. "My dating life has a lot in common with Taco Bell," starts one effort. "You think, 'How gross, I am so never going to eat there again?' But then 3 A.M. rolls around, you've had a few drinks, and suddenly that chalupa starts to seem a whole lot more appealing." Like Gina's dating life (apparently), the column is a total disaster-and yet, we can't quite look away.

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