Best Oddity

Oddity is a strong word, but Josh Spiegel is strongly odd. We'd like to say Spiegel-98 Rock newsman, and one-third of the Mickey, Amelia, and Spiegel morning show-earned this award, but really, it belongs to his intrepid cub reporter and possible lover, Agnes Updick. Blessed with a voice even more beautiful than Fran Drescher's and an intellect more penetrating than John Stamos', Updick is to radio news what Peggy Flemming is to skating, what Emeril is to the saying of "Bam," what ninjas are to ninjutsu. From the turmoil in the Middle East to the splendor and pageantry of the royal wedding, as 98 Rock's chief global affairs correspondent, Agnes Updick has covered it all. And she'd have won this award if we could have tracked her down, but since we couldn't, it goes to Josh Spiegel. Funny how they're never in the same place.

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