Best Politician Who Needs A Slap Upside the Head

The case against Rawlings-Blake has been building for years. And we say this as fans of her sardonic wit and unflappable public demeanor. We know she cares deeply about the city, and we share her desire to repopulate it and celebrate its astonishing cultural riches. But she's incompetent. This year she lost, in quick succession, her chief of staff (twice), rec and parks director, the deputy mayor for public safety (twice), Chief Information Officer Rico Singleton (a special case 'cause of previous corruption) and the police commissioner. Replacements in many cases came from the ranks, few, if any, of which appear over-qualified. Take the deputy mayor for public safety/director of CitiStat job. Chris Thomaskutty handled that with aplomb for years until he got a better gig. SRB dropped in Yolanda Jiggetts, a 10-year hanger-on in various City Hall jobs. She quit after three months and her assistant took over. Endless budget games (check the speed camera revenue) and a pointless feud with Comptroller Joan Pratt and much of the City Council over the overdue provision of audits show Rawlings-Blake to be the petty and imperious person that her worst critics said she was. Reluctantly: SLAP!

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