Best Radio Project

Last year, in an article about the NPR show Radiolab, The New York Times made the good point that with the internet and archiving, radio has entered a new era where it does not immediately disappear into the ether as it once did. But while shows like Radiolab have the production values equivalent to, like, HBO, most local shows are still produced as if they are ephemeral. But The Signal, on WYPR, gave us a taste of what was possible here in Baltimore with "Out of the Blocks." Aaron Henkin spent months on the 3300 block of Greenmount Avenue, interviewing everyone, and instead of just putting music to the voices, he gave it to hip-hop maestro Wendel Patrick to score as if it were a movie. The result was perhaps the best radio ever to come out of Baltimore, as evidenced by the accolades it's received outside of town, including from the Third Coast International Audio Festival and on the syndicated show Hearing Voices, both of which excerpted the series.

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