Best Television Personality

Typically in the painfully early morning hours, a few minutes at a time each day, we've logged a lot of time with our television friend Marty Bass-his eternally uncomfortable and awkward interactions with the furry-faced Don Scott; conversational and sometimes free-associating and non-meteorological weather forecasts; and our favorite, where Marty Bass shines, his patented, familiar, friendly, yet somehow at the same time bored-out-of-his-gourd and angry manner, which frequently mirrors the ennui of the celebrities and almost-celebrities and ain't-never-gonna-be celebrities no-way, no-how, who are sitting in a satellite studio somewhere doing, three minutes at a time, hours and hours of promotional appearances with probably every morning television show in every market in America. We urge Marty to-if possible, after 25 years-relax even more while on camera and go full Howard Beale.

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