Best Online Journalist

What can we say? Week in, week out, for what we're sure is less money than even we're paid, Mark Reutter deals scoops and smart analysis about City Hall, the steel mill, and other stuff that matters. Mark published Mayor Rawlings-Blake's effort to oust CHAP Director Kathleen Kotarba in the Baltimore Brew while we were still pondering the tip. He broke the news of John Paterakis' Enterprise Zone grab, and his comprehensive coverage of the RG Steel bankruptcy fiasco-which has irritated both the bosses and the union-is unmatched. Plus, he takes pictures the old-fashioned newsman way: profoundly unflatteringly. Just check his shot of RG Steel President John Goodwin looking like the Grinch jonesin' for Dramamine. On the rare occasions it's necessary, Mark is gracious about giving credit to other news outlets (a courtesy not all outlets offer), but his prolific output is what humbles and shames us.

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