Best Politician

If being a good politician means nurturing your personal brand, keeping your name out there, and promoting yourself as you propose solutions for your constituents' problems (and it does), then Nick Mosby is the exemplar. Elected last year in a tight race against longtime incumbent Belinda Conaway, Mosby marked his first 100 days with a slick online magazine called Seventh District, highlighting area do-gooders and Mosby's crucial role: "2400 hours is just a fragment of time Councilman Nick J. Mosby has spent working for the people of the 7th District." He also spearheaded a litter-removal campaign, encouraging residents to pick up "One Piece" of trash that their fellow citizens throw down each day, and passed an ordinance barring anyone under 18 from liquor stores, even if they're trying to buy Cheetos. In the latest issue of Seventh District, pics of Mosby at ribbon-cuttings, bike-a-thons, HonFest, etc., fill the pages where legislative and policy accomplishments would drag down a lesser pol.

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