Best Reason to Fear for Human Race

Nobody has seen a summer like this in Baltimore. Nobody. We've had pretty much the most amazing weather ever-the usual two weeks of decent spring weather was flip-flopped to only about two weeks of normal (read: oppressive) Baltimore summer heat. This on the heels of a winter with almost no snow, when common wisdom dictates a brutal summer following such a mild winter. And then there were the punctuation marks of the summer-fucking insane summer storms that included water spouts, tornadoes, and even a super-rare derecho (basically a non-rotating hurricane) which knocked out power to all those houses back in July-there were two of those, in fact, according to some. And then there is the most bizarre and unsettling of this summer's climate anomalies: perfect, balmy weather for Artscape. Seriously, who wasn't walking around the whole time thinking, What the hell alternate reality is this ?

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