Best Cause

By all appearances, opposition to same-sex marriage is based on religious believers' interpretations of the Bible-the same book that demonizes many, many common, uncontroversial activities, such as touching pigskin, consulting fortune tellers, crossbreeding cattle and crops, wearing blended fabrics, braiding hair, wearing jewelry, and getting divorced. The Bible is very clear on these matters, as it is on male homosexuality, which it calls an "abomination," and lesbianism, which it calls "vile affections." When it comes to two people of the same sex getting married, though, the Bible is far from clear-except to those who already accept its blanket condemnation of homosexuality. Yet the Bible, far from condemning something as fundamentally evil as slavery, actually sets for rules to regulate and legitimize it. Put down your Bibles, people, and just let people marry. If Maryland's referendum to ratify the marriage-equality law, passed by the General Assembly this year, fails in November, it will just postpone the inevitable.

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