Best Slow Food

101 E. 25th St., (410) 777-5277,

Overall, there's a lot to love about Terra Café. As a food joint, it has one the best atmospheres for a small family grub session. It encourages the arts with frequent open-mic events, and the employees are really nice people. And the menu enhances everything: Opt for the yard bird panini if spicy is your thing; the chicken wings are delicious; and the daily specials typically amaze us. If you're ever lucky enough to find the jerk fish wrap written on the board, grab it. There's one glaring issue with Terra Café, though-IT TAKES FOREVER TO GET YOUR FOOD. If you think you can avoid waiting 30 minutes for a wing platter by calling ahead of time, think again. More than likely, you'll still have to wait an additional 15 minutes even after placing the order on the phone 20 minutes ahead of time.

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