Best Sausage Outside the Ballpark Before an O's Game

Corner of South Sharp and West Conway streets, behind the Convention Center

You'll be tempted to bite off either end of the Italian sausage protruding from the Italian hoagie bun after it's handed to you at Wild Bill's, but it'll burn your tongue and might squirt your eye with hot sausage-juice if you snap into it too soon. It's best just to fold the foil over the top and wait until you've grabbed a beer and found your seat. The piping-hot freshness and larger size are just two reasons why it makes more sense to get your sausage, brats, and/or burgers here first. The tasty Roma Sausages served at Wild Bill's are cut from the rope (not link), accounting for the larger size. They're also cooked on a ribbed grill (not flat) and carefully turned until they're crisp and evenly cooked. Oh yeah, and at $5, they also cost about half as much as the ones inside.

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