Best Milkshake

1730 N. Charles St., (410) 547-5678

If nothing else, Lost City sure knows how to create anticipation, even if it's at torturous extremes. After Club Charles' owner, Joy Martin, purchased the space in 2000, she didn't open the retro-themed diner until August 2011, only to suddenly close in February 2012 for "renovations" with a promissory poster to return in fall 2012. Well, as we waited and waited for months on end, they quietly (and fittingly) reopened under new ownership on April Fool's Day this year. The restaurant, decked out in old sci-fi ornaments, still looks the same and still has pretty good food, but one thing in particular seems to have amplified its taste since the first time around: the banana shake. You can see waiters blend the shake at the bar, and with the diner open past midnight on weekends, you can grab one after getting hammered at Club Chuck or catching a film at the Charles.

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