Best Sushi

907 S. Ann St.,, (410) 327-9400

So why separate out sushi from Japanese food as a whole? Well, sometimes you just gotta get your sushi fix with minimal pomp and circumstance, and this spot in Fells always does the trick. A quick glance at the menu might be a bit of a letdown, since it's pretty much boilerplate. That's not to knock Nanami's ability to crank out the usual suspects of tuna, salmon, and, of course, makizushi (rolls) with, like, 5 million different things jammed in 'em. What distinguishes Nanami are their weekly special offerings, which often include live scallop, live uni, and hard-to-find fish like kampachi and fatty yellowtail. Extra care is taken with these ingredients-the scallop's various body sections are often served in separate, complimentary preparations, while the uni is often served in its spectacularly spiky exoskeleton. Moreover, prices on these delicacies are surprisingly reasonable. One caveat: Cooked food is not really their forte. Just sayin'.

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