Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant

4341 Harford Road, (410) 254-2376,

Farm-to-table has become a buzzword used to attract more socially and environmentally conscious diners, and while some restaurants use it as a ploy to fill seats, Maggie's Farm likes to walk the walk. A valiant ethos and commitment to local farms does not a good restaurant make, though, and the dishes Maggie's Farm serves are top-notch. From cola-braised short ribs to the daily vegetarian dish, they have something for everyone. Their approach to ingredients, sourced from local farms, co-ops, and bakeries, may seem laid-back and a bit hippy-dippy, but it's a sincere love of community and tradition that they're trying to share with their patrons. It's always exciting when you get the menu and take a look at what they've come up with to reflect the season's bounty.

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