Best Comeback (Actual)

1701 N. Charles St., (410) 547-2760,

Dormant even longer than its sci-fi neighbor on North Charles (Lost City Diner), the Chesapeake reopened this year after more than 24 years. What was once an upscale meat-and-potatoes-plus-seafood place where your grandparents dined has been reborn as a vaguely locavore-friendly establishment with great promise. Only up and running since the first week of July, the restaurant continues to tweak and refine its offerings-presently including roasted chicken, rockfish, and Peking duck-and on our latest visit, a bartender mentioned possible future happy-hour discounts on bar snacks. Our fingers are crossed that prices will move down a smidgen, but that's mainly because we'd be so pleased to spend more time here. Owned by the same folks as Milk & Honey Market (a CP staff favorite), we expect good things to come.

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