Best Cheap Restaurant

2901 Eastern Ave., (410) 558-0747

Tacos are always a good go-to when you're looking to eat on the cheap. Taqueria El Sabor Del Parque, besides being a mouthful to say, serves up some of the best tacos (as well as burritos and sandwiches) around town without killing your bank account. They sell regular taco fillings, but it's the weird stuff where they excel. Pig ears, lips, cheeks, and snouts are all cooked in a way to make even the squeamish sing the praises of these less-than-popular cuts. Offal fillings aside, one of their best tacos is filled with hot dogs. That's right, tacos filled with motherfucking hotdogs!!!! It is just as good, if not better, than it sounds, and at $1.50 a piece, you can buy us a few while you're there.

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