Best Asian Market

321 Park Ave., (410) 962-1510

Yet another case of "Best Because Only," but this oft-overlooked shop is actually quite awesome anyway. It's one of the last true corner store-type places that has all kinds of random shit, including, at some point or other: Swarovski crystal jewelry, laptop computers, ginseng-infused body wash, and video rentals. But mostly it's food and drink, with all manner of canned and dried goods up front and fresh, refrigerated, and frozen stuff in back. Mostly Chinese products, with a few Korean, Japanese, and Southeast Asian staples here and there. Big selection of dried noodles, but not enough non-Chinese ramen options. Interesting range of snack foods and beverages, as well as cheap spices and all kinds of herbal remedy-type stuff. Ususally some tasty prepared food items available at the counter as well.

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