Best Flea Market

2401 N. Point Blvd,, (410) 285-4504

The North Point Flea Market is as true a Baltimore experience as the Constellation or Camden Yards. A truly blue-collar event, every weekend vendors from all over Dundalk show and sell just about anything they can get onto their tables inside this huge flea market, and we do mean anything. Give yourself ample time to get out there and check out every inch of it. From new and used clothing, shoes, furniture, sports cards, action figures, tools, and hardware to vintage porn and Nazi memorabilia, there is something for everyone to take home. There's also an Amish farmer's market, fresh seafood, and produce. Make sure to try the tiny doughnuts made by the coolest little vintage doughnut machine in town. It cranks out sweet mini doughnuts all weekend long. Grab a warm bag of minis for your journey through another man's junk and go find some treasure.

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