Best Cheap Haircut for Men

402 York Road, Towson,, (443) 226-7445

If you took a little Decatour Street, some Floyd the barber, and a pinch of Iggy Pop, and rolled them into one badass barbershop, you would get Hairway to Steven. Walk-ins only at this easy-to-get-to and park-in-front-of shop on York Road. Maybe you are high and/or tight . . . or a flat top, or maybe it's just a little off the sides-no matter how you want it, Steven has got you covered, for $17. Hairway to Steven is a full-service, old school barbershop. A master of tonsorial services, Steven is well-versed in the art of looking like a bad motherfucker. He is the man with the fancy mustache and the clippers, after all. Check out Hairway to Steven and get the classic hot-towel straight-razor shave you've never had:

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