Best Men's Clothing

1100 W. 36th St.,, (410) 554-0101

Over the early past of the 2000s, as independent women's boutiques began springing up around town, dudes who realized they had grown out of the jeans, used work shirt, and chain wallet look might have felt a little forlorn. Does being a grown-ass man mean having to shop at the mall or via mail-order catalogs? Fortunately Daniel Wylie opened 16 Tons in 2010, and as much some men might not like to admit that they do care about what they wear, the shop has become a much needed tonic to shopping at retail-chain clearance racks. Wylie has a good eye for classic menswear-clothing that's masculine without being knuckle-dragging-enabling men to look fashionable without being trendy. And for dudes, it's tremendous to have but one stop to make when updating the closet.

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