Best Boat Ride for Out-of-Towners

912 S. Ann St.,, (410) 327-8378

Avast ye scurvy dogs, for sure yev asked urself, "Argh! What do I do with these lubberly land lubbers a visitin' from lubberly lands afar?" The answer? Put them on a pirate boat and don't let them leave without you! For almost five years the Fells Point pirate ship Fearless has been plying the Baltimore Main and each voyage is truly a boon full o' booty and other piratey things. Urban Pirates has family cruises with costumes for all, swashbuckly sword fights, and a ferocious water battle with Mad Dog Mike and his skiff of ill repute. If you're feeling salty, they've also got adult cruises that are exactly the same, but no kids and BYOG (The "G" stands for Grog and I'm pretty sure "Grog" stands for booze). Make your snark walk the plank and set sail for an adventure sure to shiver your timbers!

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