Best Comic Book Store for a Novice

1711 Aliceanna St., (410) 327-0181

Comic book shops can be strange places for the uninitiated. Unfortunately, many are run by the same man parodied in The Simpsons as "comic book guy." If you're just looking for a gift or trying to get into reading the books yourself, not knowing the difference between the TMNT and the JLA can make it pretty intimidating. But that's where Ian Sayre, owner of Gorilla King Comics comes in. If you know absolutely nothing about comics, Sayer is the man to see. He'll ask about your tastes and budget and point out the right mags for you. His store, which is barely a year old, is big and airy and not crammed with geekorabilia like a lot of the other stores. This lack of stuff actually helps ease you into the realm of comics and comic collection so you don't feel too overwhelmed. Sayer also hosts weekly Magic the Gathering games in the lounge above the shop. We have a feeling if you want to get into THAT card game, Sayer will be just as patient and helpful. On a side note, it's a great time to start reading. There's absolutely epic runs on Aquaman and Wonder Woman right now. And that's some snark-free advice.

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