Best Caterer

911 W.36th St.,, (410) 889-0952

Executive chef and owner Galen Sampson has turned Hampden's the Dogwood Restaurant into a farm-to-table institution, but he and his Dogwood staff may also be the most creative caterers in town. Face-meltingly good meals at a wedding? Yes, Virginia, there is a Dogwood. Forget about the boiled chicken and blanched salmon and instead go to town with bluefish foie gras that will turn your insides into quivering puddles of incomprehensible joy. Pair Maryland standards like local crab cakes with South American quinoa sides and heavenly Asian ginger baby bok choy. Couple the fantastic food with some of the best custom cocktails in town and the calm, kind, creative, and budget-friendly catering manager, Jack Elsby, who is amazing to work with, and you've got Baltimore's best caterer, bar none.

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