Best Toy Store

Wyndhurst Village Shopping Center, 5004-B Lawndale Ave.,, (434) 295-4797

Imagine if Willy Wonka weren't so creepy and was a good deal less nonchalant about the lives of his customers and you've got a good bead on David Seltzer and his family-run Shananigans Toy Shop. The small shop is packed to the gills with the coolest toys around. Die-cast Ecto-1? Check. Paleontologist Barbie? Of course. Seltzer's motto is, if he wouldn't want to play with it, it ain't here, and he's got a ferociously keen sense of play. If you're looking for a gift for your niece, Seltzer will steer you right; if your kids need a hand learning how to play that Yu-Gi-Oh! set you got them, he'll teach them. It's that personal touch, combined with prices that won't gouge you for shopping locally, that sets Shananigans apart.

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