Best Health Care Model

10 N. Greene St.,, (410) 605-7000

Everybody likes to complain about health care, and with good reason: What you get compared to what you pay for in America is a pretty crappy deal. But there's a place with clean, modern, fully computerized facilities, an in-house pharmacy and eye clinic, free parking-even free valet parking-and a location near every form of mass transit in the city. Many services you can schedule online, and each fall there are free walk-in flu shots. The Baltimore VA Medical Center is part of a statewide integrated system and scales your payment plans according to what you earn. For years the VA system has outperformed private sector health care in customer satisfaction polls for both inpatient and outpatient care. Socialized medicine like this, however, isn't just for anybody-you've got to serve your country for it. How ironic.

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