Best Fancy Haircut for Men

31 S. Calvert St.,, (410) 685 - 7428

Nearly every guy we've ever told about QG has immediately scoffed at the price: "$35 for a haircut? I hope they include back AND crack for that price!" Real classy, fellas. And yes, a decent haircut could be had for half that. But "could" is the operative word here. We've found other barbershops or haircut mills to be terribly hit-or-miss, with most experiences settling into the just OK range, at best. The big issue is that guys generally have trouble communicating what they want in a haircut, and having to repeat it every time is just a pain. QG staff are skilled, fast, and professional, and they take notes on your haircut which are communicated to whomever is doing your do the next time. Thus, an excellent haircut, every time, in usually a lot less time than at other places. OH, did we mention a TV at every chair, a pool table while you wait, and adult beverages if you like, sir?

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