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233 Park Ave. (410) 752-7121

Dimensions in Music isn't one of those new record stores that youngsters open up, fetishizing a medium they never knew (not that there's anything wrong with that). And it doesn't sell newly pressed vinyl either. It's an old school treasure trove of old school record albums. During the more than 20 years owner Larry Jeter has been in his Park Avenue store, record shops-and records and CDs-have come and gone (mostly gone), but Dimensions still brings the best tracks on wax in the kind of record-store environment that most of us might have thought went the way of the dinosaur. (Novelist Michael Chabon just came out with a new book about a record store that, except for location, could be Dimensions in Music.) Specializing in old school hip-hop, jazz, and even disco, you are sure to find your groove at Dimensions in Music. Rock on.

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