Best Baby Clothes

1625 Thames St., (410) 276-5437

Let's be honest: Buying nice baby clothes is a total waste of money. The front will likely end up covered in spit-up stains and the bottoms in diaper blow-out messes. Your beloved offspring will grow out of any clothes that make it through unharmed in what feels like 10 minutes. So this Best of is not for parents-you go get your baby clothes at thrift stores and bargain shops with unmitigated support. It's for family-friends and grandparents, those wonderful baby-loving folks who will splurge on an adorable dress or onesie. Send them to Corduroy Button, and you won't have to worry about them coming back with something hideous, because everything here is adorable without being cloying. It's what you'd buy if you didn't have to spend your money feeding and sheltering your bundle of joy.

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