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With one phone call, Chris Schafer became Baltimore's rock-star tailor. In August, the Fells Point-based entrepreneur was summoned to fit the band Jane's Addiction with clothes for their Lyric Opera House performance. At 40, Schafer has been on the Baltimore scene in some capacity his whole life. First as a drummer in the late '80s and '90s (he played at the legendary New York venue CBGBs); then, after apprenticing in London in the mid-2000s, he opened Christopher Schafer Clothier, somewhat fittingly, at the concert and practice space Hour Haus. Last year, Schafer moved his trade to a space that's been in the clothes industry since the 1800s. He shares the manufacturing space with Baltimore sports icon Rick Dempsey, founder of TV Ties. Schafer's suits can be seen on Baltimore icons like Raven Tyrell Suggs and, of course, Jane's lead singer Perry Farrel.

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