Baltimore's Very Own

There's an unfortunate tendency among quality Baltimore hip-hop web sites and publications to simply take an existing brand and stamp the city's name on it; AllHipHop begat AllBmoreHipHop, Vibe begat Bmore Vibe, and Drake's blog, October's Very Own, inspired the name of Darryl Clark's infinitely more worthwhile local rap blog, Baltimore's Very Own. (Admit it, you're glad we're not called The Baltimore Village Voice.) Name aside, Very Own owns it, trawling through the increasingly unmanageable flood of local mixtapes and YouTube videos and presenting frequent updates that are worth hearing more often than not. Darryl Clark-who once made a go of it as a rapper himself (check Ogun's 2005 album Real on Purpose for his verse under the name Peat Marwick)-writes about Baltimore hip-hop both as a knowledgeable insider and as an enthusiastic fan, and the scene can always use more of both.

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