Doo Dew Kidz with Comp, "Too Pumped (Remix)"

When Comp launched his rapping career in 2000, first as a shelved Def Jam signing and then as a heavy presence on the Baltimore mixtape scene, he sidestepped the local trend of MCs jumping on Baltimore Club tracks (then at its peak). Perhaps it was DJ 5Starr's 2010 Club remix of his most popular single, "Whole Lat," that brought Comp around, but he finally made his proper Bmore Club debut with a pair of tracks with club veterans DJ Booman and Jimmy Jones (honorable mention to their other collaboration, "Walk on by Us"). Throughout "Too Pumped," Comp reveals that he's been paying attention all along, singing a few bars of "Shorty You Fat" and name-checking too many Club music hotspots to count.

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