Baltimore Rock Opera Society

If newsprint was technologically advanced enough, this Best Of award would be a rockin' operetta for 8,000 electric guitars, 600,000 voices, and a whole bunch of other shit, and it would be called "The Ballad of BROS and BOB." We can hear Besty™ rising above the other voices, singing his Love to the Epicosity of BROS. He would sing the glories of Valhella, whose sheer magnitude of shredding and theatricality turn other attempts at DIY into Don't Even Try; he would grab an axe and his smoking solo would sing the love of the idea of a Ragnarokkoperetta about the sons of Odin. He would end his song marvelling at the sheer energy and inventiveness of these bad ass motherfuckers. Besty's little song would be no tragedy. Unless Ragnarok does come and all the gods die, BOB and BROS will be hanging for a long time hence.

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