Best Statue

Frank Zappa is our hero. Even before we'd ever heard the Mothers of Invention, or Claudia Nau ie 200 Motels, we remember watching him tear the vile censor Tipper Gore a new one in the Congressional hearings over obscenity in music (Fuck you, Tipper). Then we heard his wild mix of rock, jazz, and avant garde shit and our minds were blown (Freak Out is one of the best albums). Only later did we realize that this hero was born in Baltimore and only later moved to California where he met Captain Beefheart and formed his first band. Then, in 2008, Vilnius, Lithuania dedicated $50,000 to the city to erect a monument of the master in Highlandtown, at the library (the location was his wife's suggestion, because he was self-taught). It is, for all these reasons our best statue. But even better, it may help remind some of our more control minded politicians (paging SRB) that a champion of free speech is watching over them, and inspire our already adventurous musical scene to push it even further. Freak out!

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