Best Dog Park

1000 Lakeside Drive, (410) 887-4156

Since being handed over to Baltimore County and enduring a lengthy closing, the North Baltimore park surrounding Lake Roland (a city reservoir-it's confusing, we know) has gotten a pretty serious makeover: an actual parking lot, more event pavilions, surprisingly helpful rangers, and, most significantly, an immense, fenced-in, off-leash area that allows free play and even water access to dogs. For less structured fun, there's always the other, less developed end of the park, most commonly accessed via Falls Road, near the fire station. All those cars parked along the side of Falls Road are most likely folks walking their pooches (off-leash-shhh!) through the trails that lead to a newly revamped foot bridge over the Jones Falls (where said pooches and adventurous owners can take a dip), past the bike trails, across the Light Rail tracks, and eventually back to the park proper.

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