Best Farm-To-Table Trend

Farm-to-table, local, "organic"-we've been carpet-bombed by these terms so mercilessly and been elbowed in the kidneys by fellow produce fetishists at farmers' markets enough times as to be all but numb to the notion of actually producing things we can eat from dirt, water, and seeds. Baltimore certainly isn't at the vanguard of the urban-farming movement, if there even is such a thing, but there are hopeful signs if you take the time to look. There are established commercial operations like Big City and Full Circle that sell to area restaurants; partnerships, like the one between the Living Classrooms Foundation and Waterfront Kitchen, that promote urban gardening and community outreach; and the smallest of small-scale operations-kids peddling vegetables to restaurants on 36th Street, that were grown in the Hampden Community Garden on Falls Road.

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