Best City Improvement

Other than sex, walking is the best, most fun exercise in the world. And while it is rare that you can have sex on the waterfront, you can now walk along the harbor, uninterrupted, all the way from Fort McHenry to Canton's Waterfront Park. Though we like to walk a lot, we've never made it quite that far. But we have set out from the City Paper offices in Mount Vernon, made our way down Charles Street to the Harbor, and wound our way along the water over to Fells Point for a few pints at Bertha's or some jazz at the Cat's Eye. In fact, we often make an excuse to go to Fells just for the walk. Really, where else can you walk along seven miles of highly polluted but still beautiful water? So come on Baltimore, we ought to treat this Promenade in the same way New Yorkers treat the High Line and value it like the treasure it is. Because actually it is better than the High Line (Yankees Suck!). So get out of your goddamn cars or houses and onto the Promenade-unless you're having sex, in which case, continue, by all means. It's better exercise.

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