Best Roadside Attraction

If Glen Burnie pitched in and bought a car, this would be it. In any other place on Earth, a lifted,, monsterized, purple 4X4 Camaro would stand out. On the side of Ritchie Highway, it looks at home. Sam Truitt of Mid-Atlantic 4X4 & Speed built the thing a dozen years ago as a shop mascot. He took a mid-'80s Camaro body, bolted it onto a Jeep frame, lifted it three inches shy of the sky, stuck on a set of 35-inch monster tires, wrapped it in Ravens purple diamond-plate, and a legend was born. If you've never fully understood Glen Burnie, head down to Mid-Atlantic 4X4, take a few minutes to commune with the Camaro, and you'll get it-but hurry: Sam is planning to hack off the Camaro and replace it with something ridiculous.

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