Best Building In Need of Rehab

For more than a decade, city leaders have been promising that hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment would soon arrive to revitalize the proposed "Superblock" redevelopment of downtown's historic West Side. In preparation, buildings have been demolished and streetscapes improved, yet still, these many years later, nothing. Through it all, 202 Clay St.-a solitary rowhouse, the only one on its block just outside the Superblock boundaries-has sat moldering. Today, it bears a "Coming Soon" sign, dubbing it the "Mini-Block Project" that is "Helping to Grow Baltimore." Perhaps it could, in some small way; a $50,000 rehab would at least give the appearance that things are happening in the neighborhood. Our best suggestion: Turn it into a magic shop, since it used to be the home base of juggler-magician Vin Carey, aka "Fino the Clown," who also had a magic shop around the corner on Franklin Street.

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